Inner Bliss Arts
  Art as an inner necessity
"Arts as an Inner Necessity"
Welcome to Inner bliss arts, this site explores the interface between artistic creation, self transformation and spiritual evolution. Inner bliss arts will feature creations from various artists and hope to showcase materials that resonate with our deepest longing for spiritual liberation through artistic and aesthetic fulfillment.

Henri Guibinga is the founder and the curator of Inner bliss arts, he is also a self-developed visual artist, an art collector and critic based in San Diego California.  His works include oil-based paintings, mixed media collages and photographs. Henri creations’ are highly infused with surrealistic and expressionistic impressions in the tradition of the great masters that he admires like Giacometti, Albers, Hoffmann, De Kooning, Oppenheim and Rothko...etc. Henri paintings’ are also characterized

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by vivid and multiple layers textures aiming at challenging the restrictions of two dimensional surfaces...

Beyond the mere theoretical and aesthetical descriptions of Henri works', his creations mostly aimed at exploring the nature of consciousness, as described in western and eastern meditative and contemplative traditions such as Zen, Advaita Vedanta, Kabbalah, Sufi and Christian Mysticism. These philosophies infer that the inner and outer universe (the world of form and formless) are inextricably intertwined in an unified field consciousness. Consequently some of the thematic of Henri arts' describes aspect of our relationship with this unified field of consciousness.

These creations are not a mere aesthetic and artistic exercises, they are tools to grow and expand consciousness...a spiritual practice disguising as artistic expression…. Love Bliss